Thursday, February 08, 2007

Full yet? I: series outline

A tentative new series
My recent question about whether we might have fulfilled the divine command/mandate/blessing/invitation to our original parents to 'fill the earth' generated such an interesting discussion that I found I had too many things to say just in comments, or in a single post of 300-400 words. The quality and quantity of comments means I've decided to start a whole new series on the topic (largely brainstormed early this morning when I couldn't sleep after my big dose of steroids at chemotherapy yesterday).

For the first time, I've planned a series in advance. Things may change, but here is the current outline:

0. The question
I. Series outline (this post)
II. The problem: Population growth and resource depletion
III. Christ: the fullness of God
IV. Be filled with the Spirit
V. God will be all in all
VI. Church: the body of him who fills all in all
      VI.i. The Church and childlessness
      VI.ii. The Church and singleness
      VI.iii. The Church and the family
      VI.iv. The Church and freedom
VII. Population and women's education: some uninformed opinions
VIII. Population growth and the New Jerusalem
IX. Conclusion
Here is some interesting discussion on Sydney Anglicans on a similar theme. H/T Anonymous (I assume Dave Lankshear?).
Series so far: 0; I; II; III; IV.
Ten points for the first to guess the photo theme for this series (you might need to wait for future pics). Five for the location of the camera. Five more for putting a link back to a very similar vista taken over nine months ago (this one was taken last night).


Moffitt the Prophet said...

It was indeed a stunning sunset. I enjoyed the vibrant red in the sky round 8pm.

Is it taken from the roof of your building? Looking west down Parramatta Road?

Now I juts have to find the picture with the rainbow...

Moffitt the Prophet said...

byron said...

Good try - and close. But not the roof of my building (though it is looking west down Parramatta Rd). And the link you included is looking north-east into the city. Sorry. Have another go.

Theoblogian said...

looking forward to this series, Byron. i found myself asking the same question today!! (i'm home with the flu...lots to think about).

All the best,

andrew said...

Hi Byron, here's the
link for the five points.

Watch your back Pete J.

byron said...

Mike: hope you feel better soon.

Andrew: five points. Pete, you are duly warned.

byron said...

Oh, and well done for mastering links.

Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I will DEFINITELY link to this, Byron and direct others here. Looking forward very much to this series.

Although I am sorry chemo was the reason, I know that I often get the most blogged or otherwise written when I have insomnia! Continued prayers for your health.

h. goldsmith said...

a guess at the theme for the series' photos: sunsets.

byron said...

h. goldsmith: good work. Ten points. I was wondering when someone would offer a guess. By the third post, it was probably getting a little more obvious.

Anthony said...

Someone might as well guess the obvious. Is it from the balcony of your apartment?

byron said...

Close enough: it's from the window down the end of the corridor. Five . Sorry, Moffitt: you were close; Anthony was closer.

Anthony Douglas said...


I don't have Facebook. This is the best I can do.

I just realised, this never got finished. I'm sure you haven't forgotten, but thought I'd let you know I'm still interested, at least!

byron smith said...

No, I haven't forgotten. I've just realised that the series as I originally planned it needs more thought. I've been thinking about this on and off for a while and might one day try to write something more substantial on it. I still think it will only become more and more of a pressing global issue over the coming years. It is the elephant in the room in most environmental discussions.