Monday, October 15, 2012

Marlowe Bede Smith

At 4.47 am on Saturday 13th October, Jessica gave birth to a bonnie wee bairn. We've called the laddie Marlowe Bede Smith. Labour was textbook: six hours, of which roughly one quarter was spent asleep, one quarter knitting, one quarter groaning in a dark hospital room and one quarter in the bath where he was eventually born. No complications or dramas. We were home by midday and have now begun our babymoon. Aurora is excited to have a new patient on which to practise her burgeoning medical skills. Mother is tired but doing extremely well. Father is still slow at getting things written (like this post!).

For those curious about the name, Marlowe is a relatively uncommon yet recognisable name (this was our goal when selecting a name to go with "Smith"). His most (in)famous namesake, Christopher Marlowe (1564-93), was a wordsmith and storyteller who led a fascinating, eventful and morally complex life (just like his father's namesake), a contemporary (and competitor) to Shakespeare as both poet and playwright. The name Marlowe (according to one derivation) originates with an Old English phrase meaning "driftwood" or more literally, "the leavings of a lake". Driftwood has connotations of an unexpected gift and of old material finding new uses.

Bede's namesake was also a writer, though of more straightforwardly morally praiseworthy stock: Bede (672/3-735) was an English monk, scholar, exegete, theologian, translator, and historian, being the first to write a history of England and quite possibly the first writer to transcribe Old English prose. The name Bede likely comes from an old English word meaning "prayer".

Here is our playwright monk, a tiny prayer drifting on the tides of history. More photos will follow in due course on Jessica's blog.
Stats for the numerically-obsessed.
Weight: 3.94 kg (just under 8 pounds 11 ounces)
Length: 52 cm (roughly 20.5 inches)
Head circumference: 35.8 cm
Days late: 9
Fingers: 10
Toes: 10
Cuteness: 12/10
NB All these stats are either identical or within 1% of Aurora's stats at birth.

We hope we get to introduce him to some of you soon.

Grace & peace,
Byron, Jessica, Aurora & Marlowe


Mike W said...

fantastic news
Welcome Marlowe!

Sam Charles Norton said...


Irith said...

I want a cuddle!

gbroughto said...

Congrats and enjoy

byron smith said...

Some things we've discovered in the last few days.

1. "Bede" still means "prayer" in modern Danish.

2. The top hit for "Marlowe Smith" on Google (last time I checked, your results may vary due to Google bubbles) is to a heavy trucking company that is one of the main suppliers for the excavation of the Alberta tar sands.

3. The 13th October is also the birthday of Margaret Thatcher.

4. According to Google, "Marlowe Bede Smith" is unique. All 327 hits refer to our babe, since all are either our two blogs or other blogs which link to ours and have live updates of blogs they follow in the sidebar.

codyb2012 said...

Aww thats an adorable baby

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news, and I applaud both the logic and the euphony of your choices. Please pass on our regards to the rest of that mighty army, the Clan Smith.

P.S. When I told our English-Australian retired schoolteacher friend your choice of names, her first two guesses on spelling were (St) Malo, followed by the town on the Thames in south Buckinghamshire, which lacks the E. A perfectly normal Australian in the same conversation went straight to Kit.

Alan Wood

Gordon Cheng said...

October 13 is my sister's birthday.

May Marlowe enjoy many more October13s, and far more of God's blessing!