Monday, January 08, 2007


I've been repeatedly moved and overwhelmed by all the support and care we've received in recent weeks, and thank God repeatedly for his goodness to us through so many people: friends, family, medical staff and virtual companions (often as-yet unmet brothers and sisters). The huge prayer support, almost endless offers of help, food, phonecalls, emails and visits have affirmed how much we are loved. Thank you.

And I was particularly touched by this creative generosity from a new-ish friend. He called it 'a blogging equivalent of a get well card'.
Some may have been confused when I first put this post up. It was missing a link in the final paragraph to here, which is now fixed.


AndrewE said...

Hi Byron,

I think you need to put in a link to Ben's blog here, unless my browser isn't showing it. Also, is there a reason some posts are coming up as double spaced and others are single?

byron smith said...

Thanks for pointing it out. I had put a link, but it was broken. Should be fixed now.