Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jesus and climate change (series links)

Some time ago, I published a series ambitiously titled "Jesus and climate change". It was basically the text of a talk I gave once or twice. I've just realised that I never posted a series of links to be able to find parts of it more easily. I would probably approach a talk like this a little differently now, and I've certainly learned a great deal more about climate in the meantime, but the last six posts are not a bad exposition of some of my basic theological convictions that remain important to me today. The highlights are probably XIII and XV.
I. Introduction and a caveat concerning scepticism
II. What's happening?
III. Discussion questions
IV. Why God cares - it's his world
V. Seeing Creation
VI. Matter matters
VII. Alternatives to Creation: a brief tangent
VIII. But what's the problem?
IX. Guilt and fear
IX(b). So what's God doing about it?
X. Jesus' life: God with us
XI. Jesus' death: liberation
XII. Jesus' resurrection: renovation
XIII. The renewal of all things
XIV. But what's God doing now?
XV. Conclusion: what does the church have to do with climate change?


byron smith said...

Oops - I've just realised that I did publish a list of links, I just never included it in my sidebar.

Oh well, now I have two...