Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jesus and climate change IX(b)

So what’s God doing about it?
So what then is God up to? Does he not care? Has God given up on this world gone wrong? Many Christians seem to be amongst those most opposed to environmental concern. They seem to take a strange delight in speaking of a supposedly inevitable coming destruction of the earth and their escape elsewhere.

Such sentiments make me sad, disappointed and sometimes even angry. Christians, of all people, ought to know better. God made a world that was good, very good, and which, despite deep problems, is still fundamentally good. He is faithful and is not about to give up on it.
I've just realised I already have J&CC IX, so this post is now IX(b).
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byron smith said...

Hearing of human-caused environmental destruction and gleefully wishing for the end of the world is a little like hearing of people innocently suffering and hoping they'd hurry up and die so as to be with God.

One of Freedom said...

That stuff annoys me too.

I always insist that we stop reading John 3:16 as if this is just about a few special people and not the cosmos that God created. Especially with the obvious connection of the prologue of John's gospel to the 1st creation story.

Gordon Cheng said...

Hey byron,

I resumed discussion post-holiday, and in response to your question, here.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it is helped by the fact that they don't really consider the risen Messiah Jesus to be an actual creature and therefore don't see any substantial connection between God and creation?