Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One dollar jackpot

Here's the deal. Answer simple questions in twenty-five words or less and win a dollar. Not just any old Canadian, Kiwi, Singaporean or even Australian dollar, but a genuine, PayPal American greenback.

This new website is a simple idea, and word is spreading. No luck is involved. All you need is a keyboard, a (free) PayPal account and a brain (or, failing that, a team of a million monkeys at a million keyboards and a bit of time). The best entry (as chosen by the team at Brown Box) wins the dollar. The current competition asks you to complete the sentence "I wish that I..."

There's a new competition every couple of days. You can enter as many times as you like. Previous competitions have included such difficult questions as "How could Tom Cruise be more crazy?", "What's good advice?", "How to tell someone they have bad breath", or my personal favourite, "Write a story about public transport". I don't know how my entry didn't win: "Bus meets Train. Train meets Ferry. Bus is jealous of Ferry. Ferry is chronically late. Train dumps Ferry. Bus gets back together with Train."

You can read old competitions and see previous winners here, or find out more. I've already made the grand total of two dollars, and one of them was even won without promising to give the site a free plug on this blog.