Monday, December 10, 2007

Mary's melody: a revolutionary hope I

Songs of the Season
During advent at church we have been running a series of sermons under the title "Songs of the Season" (an idea we stole from Barneys last year) in which we study scriptural songs of messianic hope, hoping to understand how Jesus was the hope of Israel, and as such is also our hope. Here are the titles and passages for the series:

The coronation anthem: a royal hope
       Psalm 2 (& Luke 3.1-23)
The lament of the abandoned: a hope for the hopeless
       Psalm 22 (& Mark 15.25-39)
The servant's song: a hope for all nations
       Isaiah 42.1-9 (& Luke 2.25-35)
Mary's melody: a revolutionary hope
       Luke 1.39-56 (& Exodus 15.1-18)
Zechariah's carol: hope for those in darkness
       Luke 1.67-79 (& Isaiah 9.1-7)
The Angels' chorus: the birth of hope
       Luke 2.1-20
I thought I'd post my sermon on Mary's Magnificat (Luke 1.46-56) over the next few days. For an introduction, I played this video, and noted at the end that looking at the world upside down can give us a fresh perspective on life.

Father, too often we find ourselves stuck in a rut, following the same old habits and going nowhere. Give us wisdom to see life afresh today from your perspective, even if it means turning our world upside down. Turn us right way up for Jesus’ sake. Amen.
Series: I; II; III; IV; V; VI; VII.


psychodougie said...

i really like this idea byron

i guess you did too (as you're repeating it!)

just preached on deb&barak (judges 4&5), it'd be fun to do a series broadening perhaps to great songs of hope in the Lord (c/f also that of Moses & Myriam in Exodus)

but i guess if it's in the lead-up to advent it may make more sense to be more strictly messianic.

good stuff (enjoyed the 1st post of the series too btw)

byron smith said...

I preached (not very well) on Exodus 15 earlier in the year, and it was also the OT reading to go with this sermon (it gets a brief mention in post #3 or 4 (depends how I break it up)).

byron smith said...

We've also planned a January series on the Psalms.

spike said...

Hi- if you read this, I know it's an old post- are those sermons available online? I'd like to listen to them. Also your links don't seem to be working in the original post.

byron smith said...

Hi Spike, the sermons were all online last time I looked, but now the All Souls site ( seems to just link to the parable of the sower. Not sure if this is a mistake by their current webmaster or whether they are fiddling with the site or entirely revamping it or what the story is. I'll try to find out. I hope the sermons are still stored somewhere as there were some good ones while I was there (they are also good evidence of just how poor my voice was in early 2007 as a result of my illness).

spike said...

Thanks- I'll have a look!

byron smith said...

Well, the new site seems to be operational, but no sign of any sermons online as yet. I contacted Darren Hindle (rector) a while back and he said that when the new site went up the sermons would be available. Not sure if they are going to be added later or if there has been a miscommunication.