Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The impossible hamster

There is a reason that there are limits to growth. It is not hard to understand. Even hamsters get it.
H/T John.


Mike W said...

Why do economists think the economy should grow forever?

Because they look forward to the never ending power supply of annular fusion created by our waste as in David Foster Wallace's 'Infinite Jest.
Which, by the way, also makes note of the huge oversized herds of feral hamsters that prowl the wastelands.

byron smith said...

Points of Inflection: The six million tonne baby.

byron smith said...

The case against growth: Ted Trainer (UNSW) makes the case that very few people are taking seriously the full economic and political implications of the concept of "limits to growth". It is not just that we have a growing economy; we have a growth-economy, where failure to grow means many key mechanisms seize up. Moving to a steady-state or post-growth economy involves more than just the abandonment of political rhetoric or tweaking of policy, but a complete rethink of many central economic institutions.

byron smith said...

Growthbusters: Hooked on Growth Trailer.