Saturday, September 24, 2011

How do we feed the world without destroying it?

I've said it many times, but food and water are where the action really is at. Of all our activities, nothing has done more to change the face of the planet over the last ten thousand years than agriculture. It is the greatest environmental threat to the biosphere and yet the most fundamental basis of human society. Can we get it right? This presentation consists of a twelve minute lecture followed by a four minute video that says much the same thing at a greater pace. If you want to cut to the chase, then start watching at about 14:15.


John Roe said...

I was listening to Bill Easterling say similar things last week. A few notes from his talk are here.

byron smith said...

Reuters: Superweeds. Like superbugs, they are not so super from the perspective of people who like to eat.

byron smith said...

Mongabay: Organic has lower yields according to new study in Nature, especially for grains, though that is not the whole story, since there are various downstream costs of industrial agriculture that reduce yields elsewhere (and elsewhen).