Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top Ten Documentaries I

As with my recent list of top ten films, these are not my all time top ten, just my top ten for the last twelve months or so. I might have missed some, since we watch some programmes on BBC iPlayer, and there is no easy way to access a list of old viewings.

10. Fog of War
9. My Kid Could Paint That
8. The Box that Changed Britain
7. Waltz with Bashir
6. The End of the Line
5. Man on Wire
4. Home
3. Rivers and Tides
2. Life (BBC series)
1. How Earth Made Us (BBC series)


stef said...

Food Inc is also worth a watch but will likely turn you vegetarian. Especially scary and interesting about the very few companies that basically control most of the food produced and consumed in the USA. Huge consolidation of power among a few mostly unknown corporations who hold a lot of sway in the regulatory bodies as well. Disturbing stuff but well worth a look.

byron smith said...

Thanks Stef, it is already on my top priority list to watch soon.