Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New ABC Religion & Ethics portal

Augustine identified a similar pathology at work in the Roman elites, who indulged in various forms of luxury and illicit pleasures to distract them from the inevitability of death. He argued that the fear of death - the fear, in other words, that their lives would not be remembered - meant the Roman elites lived in fear of the loss of status and comfort. They were greedy for glory hoping by glory their lives might have significance.

- Stanley Hauerwas, "Can greed be a good?"

The Australian Broadcast Corporation has recently launched a new web portal for religion and ethics. It opens with pieces from Rowan Williams on refugees, Stanley Hauerwas on greed, Paul Griffiths on death and dying and much more. Keep an eye on it.


Anonymous said...

a blog titled "nothing new under the sun" leads with "NEW blog" :)

byron smith said...

I never said this blog would be irony-free. :-)

Though more seriously, I've been blogging about all kinds of new and novel things, since my blog title continues at the foot of the page...