Monday, June 04, 2007

Peace in our time

Vision of Humanity have created a Global Peace Index that ranks 121 countries according to their level of 'peacefulness', using a variety of internet and external factors. The full list is here, but the top ten most peaceful countries in the world are:

1. Norway
2. New Zealand
3. Denmark
4. Ireland
5. Japan
6. Finland
7. Sweden
8. Canada
9. Portugal
10. Austria
Australia comes in at #25 and if you're looked for the US, scan down to #96 - between Yemen and Iran. New Zealand would have been #1 but for the orcs.
H/T Alastair for the link, though Matheson was talking about this a couple of days ago.


Ben Myers said...

Scandinavia sure is looking good as a region to live -- if only the weather weren't so dismal....

byron smith said...

Maybe you could live six months in Scandinavia and six months in NZ.

One of Freedom said...

I'm surprised Canada made it so high. We have a history of peace keeping, but I'm far from convinced that we are living up to that. In our War Museum is a slogan that represents the now prevailing ideology: War is Inevitable. That is sad really, confilct is inevitable but war, heaven forbid!

Anonymous said...

One reason Canada looks so good is in contrast to her neighbor to the South! Think how much worse U.S. history would be without Canada: No Underground Railroad of escaped slaves; No sanctuary for those Americans who refused to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.

I'm not surprised Norway is #1, but I wish it would stop whaling! Because of Norway's atrocious siding with Japan in this barbaric enterprise, I would place it at 2 and New Zealand at 1--Orcs and all.

Now if only Kiwis could exert more influence on Aussies and Canucks more on "Yanks" in "the things which make for peace."

Anonymous said...

Yemen and Iran--watch out!

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian, I agree with Frank (and Michael). I think that Canada, for some time now, has been riding on her history rather than on her current actions.

That said, I figured NZ was #2 because her rugby players are unstoppable weapons of mass destruction (forget the orcs, those fellows are the fighting Uruk-hai!).

Further, given the arms industry in the U.S. (and her involvement in numerous conflicts around the globe -- apart from Iraq and Afghanistan) I'm surprised she is not lower in the list.

Grace and peace (sometime soon would be nice).