Monday, July 02, 2007

Worse than death? Series links

Back in December/January/February, I wrote a six-part series called 'Worse than Death?' I was re-reading the posts yesterday and thought that they deserved a post linking to the series as a whole:

I. Death as enemy
II. Sin is worse than death
III. Jesus' obedience unto death
IV. Death is not the focus of life
V. You have died
VI. All Donne (Death be not proud)
Five points for the species of this skull.


Matthew Moffitt said...


Anthony Douglas said...

He means equus caballus, I think...

peter j said...


Rachel said...


Cecily said...

I think it's a cow.

byron smith said...

Five points go to Peter! Thanks for dinner tonight - I really appreciated the chance to chat.

And I'll give three points each to Rachel and Cecily for also getting the correct answer before I responded.