Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eating, mortality and fellowship

"Eating together always implies trust."

He's actually onto a deep thread of Christian thought. We share meals and vulnerabilities. This was the power of Jesus' eating with sinners, of his reform of the food laws, and of the institution of a common meal as a mark of fellowship in his death.

It's also quite funny.


Anonymous said...

Has Byron been writing for DM again?!

Philip said...

@ 1min 18secs - not eating in public ... social control ... hiding bodily functions --> children from some Australian private schools are not permitted to eat in public whilst wearing their school uniform. Perhaps their schools are more aware (or more willing to admit) than the rest of us that eating is (or at least has the potential to be) gross

byron smith said...

Philip - I wasn't aware of that. Which one(s)?

byron smith said...

Dave - We take turns writing for each other. But I don't think he keeps up his end of the deal, since all the posts he writes for my blog are pretty rubbish and most of my stuff on his soapbox is pure gold.