Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spare a thought for the theologians

"Theologians are people for whom the Christian faith is especially difficult, incomprehensible, infuriating."
Ben reflects on what makes theologians tick and just what it is that they do. His comments can easily be extended to the ethicist, who is not someone who is more virtuous than average, but one who finds action difficult, puzzling and dangerous.


Anthony Douglas said...

Yes but.

I think I'd say that his comments can more easily be made of the ethicist - at least the ethicist has the benefit of interacting more wtih the broken world. A theologian, I would hope, spends more time on less sullied topics.

I very much read Ben's construct of theology in his post, rather than hearing an echo of what the Bible might say about theology.

'Hurt by God' seems too strong for me!

byron smith said...

Do you think the psalmists have often been hurt by God? (even if they also know that God is the only one to whom they can turn in their hurt)

Or Job?

Or Jacob/Israel, whose very name change was a result of being hurt by God?

This kind of language was also used by Augustine, and by Donne (amongst many others).

Anonymous said...

...who finds action difficult, puzzling and dangerous...
maybe a should become an ethicist too- if that is the job description I'd do very well : )