Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Barth on Schleiermacher

"Anyone who has never noticed anything of the splendour this figure radiated and still does - I am almost tempted to say, who has never succumbed to it - may honourably pass on to other and possibly better ways, but let him never raise so much as a finger against Schleiermacher. Anyone who has never loved here, and is not in a position to love again and again may not hate here either."

- Karl Barth, From Rousseau to Ritschl
(trans. by Brian Cozens, H. H. Hartwell et al.; London: SCM, 1959), 308.


Sam Charles Norton said...

Now that puts the spotlight on some assumptions that I've been making, ie that Schleiermacher is the Dark Lord of the Sith. Hmmm.

byron smith said...

Ah, but can't the path to the Dark Side be walked by the most promising young Jedi?