Thursday, May 18, 2006

Writing under the influence

An observation. Whereas in a past golden era, you could remain a pure, simple, Bible-believing Christian as long as you avoided subscription to any -ism, I've noticed that these days it's quite possible to write off a sister or brother by merely hinting that they've been influenced by a naughty movement. Is our goal to stay low, present as small a target as possible, avoid any contact that might contaminate? Is there nothing for the church to learn from the world (let alone other branches of the church)? Or, on a more proactive note, where is the Spirit of the Christ who touched lepers?

Eight points for naming the country in the picture.


michael jensen said...

name names Byron!

byron smith said...

I'm trying to stay low.

But if I was mentioning names, then for many Sydney people, most non-Sydney people (with a few iconic exceptions) are viewed with enough suspicion to cast doubts on those who read them without ax-to-grind firmly in hand.

byron smith said...

Justin has made a complementary suggestion over here - authors with instant kudos.

Anthony Douglas said...

This looks Scottish.

Anonymous said...

Schweppes - was just about to say Scotland too.

If not Scotland, then England? The Border counties look rather similar to me.

Were it not for the writing (which is clearly in Latinate script and a West-Germanic tongue), one might surmise Lebanon or Syria.


byron smith said...

Anthony - eight points. Michael, one guess at a time please! Since you had Scotland as your first one, I'll give you eight divided by the number of guesses (five), rounded to two.