Monday, May 14, 2007

Online survey

For those who love completing surveys, here is a poll run by Online Opinion. The ‘Federal Election Benchmark Survey’, attempts to gauge the beliefs, voting intentions and reasoning of people of faith in Australia. The pollsters invite Christians and those of other religions to outline their political views and voting intentions, and the way these are connected (or not) to their religious position. Like all polls it may have some flaws and biases; yet it seems to be a reasonable and genuine attempt at understanding. The poll also asks for respondents to briefly comment in their own words on what political issues are important to them.

This Federal Election Benchmark Survey is open until the 21st of May. For more information about the poll and National Forum who publish Online Opinion go here.

Note that the final page asks for your name and personal details, probably in order to prevent multiple answers by any one person. You are promised confidentiality, and are given the opportunity to participate (or not) in follow-up research.

If you complete the survey, you might then consider watching the Online Opinion site and participating in any discussion arising out of the survey.

Sorry - Australian citizens only.
H/T Social Issues Executive - sign up for their weekly(-ish) briefing on a current Australian social issue. These are generally very high quality. My college ethics lecturer, Andrew Cameron, and his assistant do a great job of putting together a page or two introducing an issue for Christian reflection and action. This post was largely taken from an email they sent last week.


Anonymous said...

I LUFF surveys and actually found this really helpful in clarifying my own priorities with regard to the election and Australian politics.

Thanks for the tip, B!