Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australians all let us rejoice for we are...

How would you finish that line to make it a little more accurate?

Richard Glover gives 43 ways to tell if you're a true Aussie.

To honour Australia Day, this evening I patronised that most Australian of playwrights, Bill the Bard. Amazing how even a mediocre production can still be redeemed by a decent script.
Fifteen points for to first to reveal where this natural formation can be found, which looks (at least from some angles) remarkably like a map of Australia (without Tasmania or the Northern Territory).


Anonymous said...


Jonathan said...

We are Kiama?

Mister Tim said...

I saw an almost identical photo today that was taken at Narooma.

As for the title, how about "... 220".

byron smith said...

Is 220 still young? And are we 220? Aren't we more like 107? Or 40,000-odd?

But the points are yours - Narooma it is.