Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January points table

December was thoroughly dominated by Anthony, who set a record (at least since I've been recording points each month) with 79 points in a month and so scores ten more for coming first. Five for Jonathan, three for Geoff C and one for H. Goldsmith. There are still around 579 points left.

January points table

20: Meredith
15: Mister Tim, One Salient Oversight
Fifteen points to the best suggestion for a new church sign. This one has now been up for more than two weeks and we need something new.


Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

"We apologise for the delay - Jesus will return shortly"

"God says you can run, but you can't hide"

"God is dead - Nietzche. Nietzche is an idiot - Rector"


"Failure is now an option"

"Are you barking up the wrong church?"

"Donald Bradman is teaching Princess Diana how to play cricket... IN HELL"

"We are way cool. Come to church. Church is teh rad."

sair said...

I saw one a few months ago that proclaimed the way to get to heaven was to 'turn right and keep straight'...
I'm not really sure, though, that that's what you guys are looking for! I was shocked and horrified when I read it.
It's closely followed in the horribly bad stakes by the current common one (that's also outside my church, might I add) that says "This church is not full of hypocrites... There's always room for more."
Why do they have to be so bad??? Why???

Drew said...

Is there a particular topic or theme that is being traced over the next few weeks?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that photo was taken at All Souls Anglican Church in Leichardt.

How many points do I get?

byron smith said...

Geoff - you're correct of course, but I'm afraid that wasn't what I was offering points for.

Drew - we're looking at "Psalms with passion", investigating the emotional life of the believer and the believing community and how our passionate emotions are part of our spiritual walk.

Points are still on offer - I'll have to change the sign tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"Life is fragile - handle with prayer"

Have nicked that from a North Sydney church but it's one of the better signs I've seen.

Drew said...

Sounds like a fascinating series, and I'm sure you could make a good sign up. Or have.

once more, with feeling

Given the difficulty of the subject (to my mind), perhaps a simple, serious invitation might work?

byron smith said...

Thanks for the various suggestions. I'm not sure I'm going to pay any points for them just yet. We've decided to go with this for the moment:

More signwriters needed
Apply Sundays

James Tuttle said...

I quite liked the one that's outside sair's church at the moment - it meets and confronts the expectations that some people have of The Church with it's own message, which is to say people expect a bunch of massive hypocrites without any semblance self analysis.

Personally I'd love to see a church sign that's flexible enough to respond to daily news, like today with Heath Ledger... surely you could have something that piques interest and taps into a common theme... don't ask me what it would be though.

byron smith said...

Beeston - sometimes we've been quick enough to respond to news on the day. But it has to be news that most people will hear about (i.e. big news) and you need to come up with something worth saying and taking no more than about ten or twelve words. The best example was that within about 30 min of Australia's loss to Italy in the last Soccer World Cup, our sign read "Jesus saves better than [name of Australian goalie - can't remember what it was, but we had his name]". It generated some threats from the local soccer-fanatics in Leichhardt.

byron smith said...

Well, I reckon I'm going to give the points to Neil (backdated to January) for making the most suggestions, even if quantity substituted for quality on some/most/nearly all of them. I did like "Failure is now an option".

I'll give more points to any future suggestions that are worth putting up.