Friday, August 31, 2007

Myers on Spong

Speaking of Bishop Spong, the indefatigable Ben Myers has managed to produce a short review of his new book Jesus for the Non-Religious, in which he argues that Spong's Jesus is, well, boring.

Ben and his wife have also managed to produce a new baby. Since Dr Myers seems to gain most of his theological insights from his children, I expect his prolific output to only increase in the coming months.


corn chowder said...

Occassionally, I wonder about how Jesus was outside of the Gospel accounts, especially his sense of humour.

Last year in one of guest's sermons at Barneys, he spoke about the hilarity of Jesus giving Simon the nickname "Peter".

What sort of other jokes would Jesus make? How did he manage to keep it clean yet stay funny?

byron smith said...

Have you read The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco? One of the themes of the book is the spiritual significance of laughter and the characters debate whether Jesus laughed.

I think you would enjoy this post of ten propositions on faith and laughter from Kim Fabricius on Ben Myers' blog.