Wednesday, August 15, 2007

O'Donovan coming to Sydney

Oliver O'Donovan, one of the world's leading scholars in theological ethics and politics and currently Professor of Christian Ethics & Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh, is coming to Sydney. On 4th-6th September, he will be giving the 2007 New College Lectures, entitled Morally awake? Admiration and resolution in the light of Christian faith. Entrance is free, though RSVP to New College is required.

I've often posted O'Donovan quotes in the past, but was reminded of these lectures by seeing Andrew Errington post yet another one (this time on infant baptism). There is even a Facebook fanclub (that fact alone may tempt Erro onto Facebook).
Image from O'Donovan's homepage at Edinburgh University.


Anonymous said...

Will the audio be available?

Anonymous said...

I am scared to go on Facebook. I already spend enough time blogging.

These will hopefully be great lectures though.


byron smith said...

Anon - yes, the New College website says: The College intends to digitally record all three 2007 New College Lectures and then post the audio in downloadable form on this web page after the event. To allow time for editing and audio compression this material will not be available until after September 17 2007.