Sunday, August 26, 2007

Confession is good for the soul...

...but bad for the career. Or maybe not - it doesn't seem to have hurt Kevin Rudd so far.

In any case, I've been tagged by Benjamin for a meme for an interesting site called Christians confess. The directions for the meme are these:

• Apologize for three things that Christians have often got wrong. Your apologies should be directed towards those who don’t view themselves as part of the Christian community. Alternatively, apologize for things you personally have done wrong towards those outside of the church.
• Post a comment at the originating post so others can keep track of the apologies.
• Tag five people to participate in the meme.
• If desired, send an email with the link to your blog post at the Christians Confess site, giving permission for your apologies to be added to the website.
1. I am sorry that I don't laugh more. And cry more. I am sorry that Christians have treated emotions with suspicion. I am sorry that the good news is sometimes restricted to the head and doesn't also include the heart, hands and feet. I am sorry when we don't weep with a groaning world and overflow with Easter laughter.

2. I am sorry for acting as though it were possible to love God without loving my neighbour.

3. I am sorry for speaking when I should have been silent. And for being silent when I should have spoken. I am sorry for thinking I knew all the answers and for forgetting that Jesus is truly good news.

I tag Boxologies, Dead Flies and Perfume, Duck5, Hebel and Frankly, Mr Shankly - all selected for having obscure blog names.
Five points for the first to correctly name this building.


Martin Kemp said...

Kings College Chapel Cambridge.
Like taking candy from a baby.

Lara said...

Darn, that was one I actually knew! Why wasn't I procrastinating earlier in the day??

byron smith said...

I knew this one wouldn't last long. That's why I only offered five points. I'll also give Lara two for getting in before I awarded the points.

Lara said...

Woohoo! I'm actually on the points board now! Thanks Byron!

psychodougie said...

sorry, i only just noticed it!

psychodougie said...

well, if it's gonna cut it off, just go

thanks for the tip

byron smith said...

Doug - yeah, I normally email people to let them know they'd been tagged, but I forgot this time. Sorry. Thanks for posting thoughtfully.

byron smith said...

well, if it's gonna cut it off, just go
Or just go here.