Friday, March 16, 2007

State Election Forum reminder

Tonight is the State Election Forum at All Souls, Leichhardt (cnr Norton and Marion Sts). See you there at 7 for 7.30-9.30. More details back here.

UPDATE: Well I thought the night was quite a success. At the last minute, the Labor candidate decided to show up after all (earlier, her office had said that she would send a representative). All three candidates behaved themselves (more or less...). There were a few visitors who walked in off the street and had a great time and many visitors from around the traps. Look out for a bigger, better organised and even more exciting Federal version of the same event later in the year. I might post my intro talk on 'why politics?' sometime in the next couple of days. Thanks to all those who came.

UPDATE #2: It was interesting that the final question of the night was about Scripture in schools* and whether the Greens would get rid of it if elected. So far off their agenda was the issue that for the only time in the entire event, the candidate didn't know what to say because she wasn't aware of her party's position on the matter (which can be read here - and doesn't involve the abolition of Scripture). Tim (the MC) had to jump in and help her by telling her what her own party thought on the matter. And this is the Greens candidate with the best chance of making it into the Lower House.
*For those outside NSW, this is an issue that has a lot of traction in Christian circles. Many Christians have been given the impression that the 'pagan' Greens are set on revoking this privilege as soon as possible. It is simply not true.


Vaughan Smith said...

You know you've been reading too much stuff on the web when you double take the words "Federal version".

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

There should be an article in Southern Cross entitled "Should Christians vote for the Greens?" You and others could put your point across.

Of course, the issue is too late for the State Election - but we have a Federal one happening later this year.

Anthony Douglas said...

Ah, pretending not to know their most insidious policy? How devious.

The cabal's wicked plan continues.

Ok, kidding. Useful to know, Byron - thanks. Certainly more useful than the email I got from a Liberal councillor that frequents our establishment, explaining that it was because Howard was PM that God had blessed us all... (and I thought it had something to do with God's nature, or Jesus, or something! What was I thinking?)