Wednesday, July 02, 2008

GAFCON links

Here is the final statement published at the recent Global Anglican Future Conference in Jerusalem (and a video of the "Jerusalem Declaration" being read by Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi).

And some responses:

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury;
N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham;
Robert Forsyth, Bishop of South Sydney;
Mark Thompson, President of Anglican Church League of Sydney Diocese; and
Dave Walker, cartoonist.
Anyone know of other responses worth reading? This is a complex topic and I'm not going to try to make a comment myself at this stage.


Anonymous said...

The N.T. Wright link points back to the original blog post.

Here's the statement as printed on the NT Wright Page:

David W. Congdon said...


Thanks for this post. However, the "N.T. Wright" link takes us to your blog. Could you fix this link? I'd really like to read his response. Thanks!

David W. Congdon said...

Looks like Matt and I posted at the same time!

Stuart Heath said...

Thanks lots for these links, Byron.

I found a fascinating comment (in song, no less) on 'The Now Show' on Friday night.

You can download it here; the song starts at 4:55.

I wonder if this is representative of what the UK public thinks. There certainly was a lot of discussion on Radio 4.

As a disinterested (and almost uninterested) observer, I can't help wondering: if it really is about the authority of the Bible (and not the 'presenting issue' of homosexuality), why weren't there larger ructions over those bishops who deny, for example, the substitutionary death of Jesus or his bodily resurrection?

byron smith said...

Matt and David - didn't you realise that "Byron Smith" is a pseudonym?...

Hmmm, perhaps not.

Link now fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

Stuart - I've had similar thoughts myself. Nonetheless, there is something about this issue that makes it easier to draw clear lines of division. It can be quite difficult to pin bishops down on questions of whether or not one believes in the resurrection (or believes in the "resurrection", or "believes" in the resurrection, or believes in "the" resurrection, and so on). "Did you ordain a sexually-active homosexual?" is a little more clear cut (even if the rest of the debate isn't).

::aaron g:: said...

Very useful post. Thanks.

::aaron g:: said...

Interesting. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes, Byron, thank you for assembling these links (for those of us who are second-cousins to the Anglican family). Much appreciated.

Nick said...

Hi Byron

NT Wright's added some more comment on GAFCON in a BBC interview. Here's the link:

Headline: "Bishop attacks anti-gay movement"



Matthew Moffitt said...

Peter Jensen has an editorial in today's SMH.

Matthew Moffitt said...

And Tom Wright has some follow-up comments in which he takes issue with the Sydney Diocese.