Friday, July 10, 2009

When bloggers collide

Today I met Eric Daryl Meyer, author of a few words, who is over in sunny Scotland for a conference in a few days (if he can bear to bring an end to the highland trekking he's about to begin).

It would be interesting one day to try to work out the number of people I've eventually met in the flesh having first connected through blogs. I suspect it may already be more than twenty. Such meetings are always a delightful surprise as photos come to life.

They are also another reminder of the blessings of avoiding pseudonyms. If you're hiding on the internet behind a profile or simply remaining anonymous for no good reason, feel free to come out and join in the party where things (and people) are called by their real name. We won't bite. And if we do, you know where we live.


Anonymous said...

Great to meet you Byron, I'm glad that the collision worked out.

I'm just getting back to my computer after my time at the conference (and a bit of a holiday with my family back in the States as well).

And I'll second your call for minimal duplicity---even where it is fantastically easy to do.