Sunday, October 18, 2009

Camus on turning thirty

"Yet a day comes when a man notices or says that he is thirty. Thus he asserts his youth. But simultaneously he situates himself in relation to time. He takes his place on a curve that he acknowledges having to travel to its end. He belongs to time, and by the horror that seizes him, he recognizes his worst enemy. Tomorrow, he was longing for tomorrow, whereas everything in him ought to reject it. That revolt of the flesh is the absurd."

- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus (trans. Justin O'Brien, London: Penguin, 1975 [1942]), 20.

Today is my birthday. I am not thirty and do not assert my youth. But I am indeed absurd.


Sam Charles Norton said...

I hope you have a splendid day.

Ian Packer said...

Happy birthday, Byron.... for today, at least, "take no thought for tomorrow"

Meredith said...

Happy birthday Byron :-)

Matthew Moffitt said...

Happy birthday Byron.