Friday, July 23, 2010

192 steps & 63 pubs

We recently moved house, and our new place is considerably closer to college, meaning I can go home for lunch. There are only 192 steps from my desk to my front door. Our new home has some other benefits, such as being in a listed building as part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, being within spitting distance of Scotland's most visited paid tourist attraction,* being next door to a pub that has been in recorded existence since 1516** and being within 500 metres of (at last count) 63 pubs, bars or taverns.***
*Under favourable wind conditions.
**It may be an even older establishment; that is the first record of its name and location.
***No, I haven't been to them all (yet?). The count is based on memory from years walking around the area, supplemented by a couple of minutes looking at Google Maps.


Andrew said...

Is the statistic of '192 steps' also dependent on favorable weather conditions? Sounds like a top spot.

byron smith said...

Nope. 192 steps each way every day.

byron smith said...

It would also be accurate to say 192 stairs. The number of footfalls may vary slightly.

Anthony Douglas said...

That's right. If you're running late, you may take 'em two at a time.

byron smith said...

Oops, just realised this morning that I didn't count the single step at our front door. So 193.