Saturday, October 16, 2010

More on euthanasia

I recently offered some comments on an article on euthanasia in the SMH by Andrew Cameron. Andrew has also written this piece on the topic for the Social Issues Briefing which I think takes a more fruitful approach through the lens of fear; euthanasia is a failed attempt to deal with our fears surrounding death and dying.


Anonymous said...

I think Andrew's comments are considered however:

- I feel that is is passive euthenasia to knock off life supports, meds etc (though not entirely the pleasant happy death euthenasia is supposed to mean if it increases pain.
- He does not seem to understand it is a minority amongst the minority who acutally want to be euthenised.
- There are many people who share his veiws who are in the situation where euthenasia may be something considered but rejected. I think that is potentially the majority of those people and their extended supports. Hence I do not believe that supporting euthenasia for the minority of the minority would errode the inroads into pall care.

He is right about the loneliness and feeling of being a burden though.

That is very real. The fear of it alone does not tend toward desire for euthenasia but the reality of it does.

I am pro-euthenasia because of this.

Our society would need to undergo such a change as to invalidate the reality of the fear and loneliness that I do not believe it 100% possible.