Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charity is cruelty. And so on.

Why we will never consume our way out of our problems

Slavoj Žižek discusses Starbucks and the limitations of ethical capitalism. And so on.
UPDATE: See also some further thoughts I posted the next day.


Unknown said...

Thought provoking and definitely touches on the very idea "there must be more I can do?". But it would of been good to hear if he had any other ideas of change.... does he?

byron smith said...

Yes, plenty. Do a little digging and you'll find that he's one of the best known critical theorists and continental philosophers alive today - a bit of an academic pop star.

This was part of a lecture he gave which had the same title one of his recent books (he writes a lot).

byron smith said...

The Conversation: The myth of the ethical consumer. This research takes Žižek's arguments further by demonstrating that (by and large) the ethical consumer simply does not exist. Another reason not to pin any hopes on this.

byron smith said...

In fact, here is a whole website about the concept.