Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ross Gelbspan summarises our climate predicament

This is a twenty-three minute talking head video that you can basically put on as an audio since there is practically nothing to see. But the grasp of our situation by this investigative journalist - who has spent fifteen years grappling with climate science, politics, journalism and ethics and published two major books on these matters - is superior to that of many other commentators I've come across. It is now a couple of years old, but still extremely relevant.


jessica smith said...

This is fantastic - it really pulls together a whole lot of helpful thoughts and created a coherent picture for me. Thanks!

I was particularly struck by two comments; one that scientific efforts in geo-engineering are 'technological expressions of their own desparation'and second that 'the reality of escalating climate change plays havoc with ones sense of future... There needs to be another kind of vision which centres neither on the profoundly dishonest approach of the coal and oil companiers no the misleading optimism of the environmentalists nor on the fundamental indifference and apathy of the general public most of whom simply do not want to know.'