Monday, February 11, 2013

Benedict on responsibility

"Human beings let themselves be mastered by selfishness; they misunderstood the meaning of God’s command and exploited creation out of a desire to exercise absolute domination over it. But the true meaning of God’s original command, as the Book of Genesis clearly shows, was not a simple conferral of authority, but rather a summons to responsibility."

- Benedict XVI, Message for the celebration of the World Day of Peace 2010.

Since he is sure to be much in the news today (becoming the first Bishop of Rome to abdicate his See in almost 600 years), I thought a quote might be apposite.
H/T Liz Jakimow.


Bill said...

And a fine quote it is. How wonderful it would be if a vigorous concern for creation care is his legacy.

susie said...

Very fine quote. I also will be praying for you, too, Byron. God bless.

byron smith said...

Catholic church is still only light green. The same is true of much of the response from Prot churches too.

CharlieK said...

This should shed some light...

Anonymous said...

But Christians, who are by self-definition sinners, and therefore by always dramatized action, fundamentally incapable of being truly responsible for anything.

Both the absurd notion of "original sin" and the practice of confession reinforce this inability to be responsible for ones presence and actions in the world.

Sin is the presumption of separation from the Living Divine Reality.

There is no Real Existence until sin is transcended. All actions and states of knowledge and experience are emoty, painful, problematic, and sinful until the presumption of separation from the Living Divine Reality is utterly transcended.

There is no truly human life without Divine Communion, or the submission/surrender of the entire conscious and functional being to the Absolute Divine Reality within which it appears, on which it depends completely - even for the next breath.

Without Divine Communion there is no True Humanity, no Real responsibility, no True freedom. Without Divine Communion the apparent individual is simply a fearful functional entity living the unconscious adventure of pre-patterned functional relations. There is no sacred of Divine plane to his or her awareness.