Thursday, July 04, 2013

A little exercise

Let me take you back to your childhood. Think of an outdoor location that was special to you as a child, a place in the natural world that was and still is close to your heart, a place with cherished memories or where you had a significant experience. For me, I think of a holiday cottage owned by my extended family on the upper Allyn River in the Barrington Tops, and in particular a spectacular bathing hole nearby called Ladies Wells where as kids we spent many hours swimming, jumping off rocks, watching waterfalls and playing with smooth river stones.

What about you?


Anonymous said...

You just brought back a bunch of good memories for me. I visited there with you 20+ years ago. I remember visiting your relatives in Newcastle on the way and staying at your grandmothers where we played a card game that involved collecting oil barons, bankers etc. The water was way too cold for my skin and bones, I think the swim ended abruptly when you (or possibly Murray) sustained an injury to your leg.
Thanks for reminding me.

byron smith said...

Hey Alastair - Thanks for sharing! I don't remember the specifics of the injury, but I do remember playing cards with you and my siblings at my grandmother's place.