Tuesday, August 08, 2006

News from around the globe/corner

Some links and personal updates
NT scholar and blogger Ben Witherington has seen a movie and written a review that does (at much greater length) what I've been hinting at over the last few weeks: draw links between eschatology and attitudes to the environment.

Geoff has started a new blog, with a great post on new beginnings.

Nic got published in SMH Good Weekend.

I've recently realised that there are a whole host of MTC bloggers:
Faculty: MPJ, Thommo*.
4th yr: Paget*, Geoff, Mandy
3rd yr: Seamus, Bec, David, Mark, Naomi, Marty*, Russ*.
2nd yr: Ben, Dani, Gavin.
1st yr: Ang, Ben, Craig, Josh, Rebekah.
Let me know of any more!
*P-plate bloggers: will they put in the hours to get their licence?

The overplayed rivalry between USyd and UNSW (and between EU and CBS) has been ignored in the latest move from CBS, inviting Robert Forsyth and Ian Powell to speak at their current mission.

New CASE site. CASE = Centre for Apologetics Study and Education. I'll be giving a couple of lectures over the next few weeks at a CASE course called "Christianity and Contemporary Thought". All welcome: Tuesdays 5-6pm New College UNSW, by donation.

Ben is starting a series on Theology for Beginners. He's just posted his 21-part outline.

Annette has arrived in Freiburg, the eco-city.** To celebrate, she's started a new blog for Freiburger photos.

**From Wikipedia: Freiburg is known as an "eco-city". In recent years it has attracted solar industries and research; the Greens have a stronghold here (the strongest in any major German city; up to 25% of the votes city-wide, in some neighbourhoods they reached 40% or more; figures from the 2002 national elections). The newly built neighbourhoods of Vauban and Rieselfeld were developed and built accordingly to the idea of sustainability. The citizens of Freiburg are known in Germany for their love of cycling and recycling. ...
In June 1992, the Freiburg city council adopted a resolution to the effect that it would only permit construction of "low energy buildings" on municipal land. All new housing must comply with the low energy guidelines. Low energy housing uses solar power passively as well as actively. In addition to solar panels and collectors on the roof, providing electricity and hot water, many passive features use the sun’s energy to regulate the temperature of the rooms.


Dave Miers said...

not sure what year this ben is in

this ben is in 1st year

byron smith said...

Thanks, David. Now added. Ben H is in 2nd yr.

Emma said...

Arrg Byron! Adding to my unofficial unauthorised list of things to do, which often seems to override and make null and void the official list of things to do... Thanks though, I do appreciate it!

Rachel said...

wow what will you be talking on? If only it was on a Thursday as that is right before our Masters class and Alex and I could pop in. Any chance you could include some summaries of your talks on your blog?

byron smith said...

Rachel, next Tuesday is on the Trinity (what God is like) and the week after is on the doctrine of revelation (how we know God).

Emma said...

hey Byron,

meet craig:


another blogging MTC first year and friend of ours. He is the source of our treadmill video...

Love Em

byron smith said...

Thanks Em - I did find him a week or so ago when I first had the thought to collect all the MTC blogs together, but somehow lost him in the subsequent gathering. He's now added.

Emma said...

hey byron

here's another barneys blog


lots of b's

love em

byron smith said...

Thanks Em, also now added.

rebekah said...

hi byron,
you've got the cbs web address wrong I think.


byron smith said...

Thanks Rebekah. Actually, the friendly rivalry I had in mind was with this CBS. I'm sure Campus Bible Study are also a wonderful group but I can't imagine them being in competition with the EU.