Sunday, September 10, 2006

Exit Mundi

The end of the world is nigh! And this site catalogues and analyses over fifty ways it might happen. Some are quite amusing, some plain silly, some wildly speculative, some deadly serious. Some we don't have to worry about for another few billion years; some could be tomorrow.

Does trusting the one who raised Christ affect how we might think about such apocalyptic scenarios? Of course.

Does it guarantee that we don't need to think about blowing ourselves up (or consuming ourselves into a hothouse, or driving ourselves to destruction, or...) because God's in charge and wouldn't let it happen? Of course not.


Anonymous said...

Like the Indian proverb says:

"Call on God, but row away from the rocks."

byron smith said...

Hadn't heard that one before, only Cromwell's "trust God and keep your powder dry" (i.e. gunpowder - so that it is ready for battle).

Julia said...

Looked at that page...some on it makes sense...some of it involves alien life forms...was impressed that someone even thought up a page on it...but I saw no evangelical one that wasn't pre-millenial...any plans to change that Byron?

byron smith said...

Julia: I suspect that the author of the page isn't particularly interested in having his religious misconceptions cleared up. There is one point where he is explicit about dismissing all religious accounts before he even reads them. I think he likes maximising the humour factor. Still, it might be worth pointing out that his account of Christianity only fits a very small minority of Christians (and even then is a caricature).

byron smith said...

Although it seems like the only way of making contact is through a discussion board with thousands and thousands of posts. The site gets about 1,000 hits per day.

Anonymous said...

Well, being the guy who runs the website (I happened to stumble across this blog), I feel like I should drop a line.

First off: Thanks for the link & kind words!

Indeed, Exit Mundi is about what science has to say about the end of times. So religious apocalypses do come last. And being a science guy, I discuss them tongue-in-cheek - no offense!

Still, you would be amazed how many people take these apocalypses dead seriously! There's your "very small minority", you'd be surprised.

Oh, and I do try to read all of them before writing about it :-)

Best regards - Maarten