Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Christianity and politics again

A few months ago, I stirred the pot by linking to a couple of articles that argued for why Christians (in Australia) should vote for the Greens and why Christians shouldn't just vote for Christians. After setting the (still unbroken) record for most comments on a post for this blog, it seems that most people worked out I wasn't necessarily endorsing those pieces of advice (but nor do I ignore them). The discussion has started again. Come and join in to push the record even higher.

In related news, Kevin Rudd's recent comments about church and state have sparked a fresh public debate in Australia, with many commentators sadly showing their lack of familiarity with history, the nature of the 'separation' of church and state, and even what kind of thing each of these entites are. Peter Jensen's brief reply in The Australian has been the best thing I've read in response. (In a distant second comes this reply from Phillip Adams. H/T CraigS).


Steve Hayes said...

I'm not at all familiar with Australian politics, but some things Jensen and Rudd said ring bells for me. At least its better than the sterile ideological stuff spouted my Americans.