Friday, October 20, 2006

Links to stuff

How to Make a Schadenfreude Pie.
• Sally posts on new Xbox games from Burger King.
• For anyone who has tried to learn Hebrew.
What would Jesus do? (make sure you also checking out the video on tithing); H/T D. W. Congdon.

N. T. Wright - ok, also silly
• Latest pictures of the pop-star bishop; H/T Hebel.
• And a very unauthorised bio: N.T. Wright - the real story; H/T Al.

• Great video on the beauty myth.
Justin reflects on interesting differences between US and Australian citizenship by comparing the Australian pledge with the American oath.

Deadly serious
On a much more serious note about America, check out this video of Obermann on the latest legislation from Bush; H/T D. W. Congdon.
For those of you concerned that I am at present (meant to be) working on a 15,000 word project due alarmingly soon, don't fret, this is one of those posts that has gradually grown over the last few weeks and is now finally seeing the light of day. Expect more quotes next week...


Anonymous said...

Byron--thankyou for the schadenfreude pie link. We made one this evening, and my god its delicious! Highly recommended!

byron smith said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Or rather, I wish you hadn't. Or something. :-)