Friday, November 10, 2006

End of week links again

If you're a nerdy biblical studies type, then this has to be one of the funniest exchanges I've seen in a while. Read all the comments.

After a round of bookish theological influences (started by Ben here; mine; links to others), and then some novels, Aaron raised the bar, posting on his top 20 theological experiences. Ben followed suit, as did Frank.

Aaron also offers some Kids books for Christmas. Don't forget Billy the Punk - thoroughly recommended and a classic from 1996.

Great post from Ben Witherington on the recent election and Christian political responsibilities. I might get round to posting on this myself soon.

Free things in Sydney
The Other Inconvenient Truth - free screening at Barneys on Monday week (20th Nov; 7 for 7.30 screening). See also here. St Barnabas Church Offices (4/173-179 Broadway; enter from Mountain Street) Bring your own popcorn/snacks. All welcome.

Another great free activity, Sculpture by the Sea is always fun.


::aaron g:: said...

Hi Byron: Great to see your church showing the Al Gore film. Someone in my church is actually trying to convince me that global warming is good and from God.

Still waiting for you to list your theological influences/experiences.

michael jensen said...

yes, but Peak Oil? Ain't that a conspiracy theory?

It is funny to be here in the UK and listen to the Brits: if you remark 'great weather we are having' they inevitably say 'oh, it's probably because of global warming you know, we'll have to pay for it'.
From the nation that brought you Eeyore and Neil and Marvin the paranoid android.

Christopher said...

And Neville "Hitler seems like an honest chap" Chamberlain

byron smith said...

Aaron - re my theological experiences - I tried to write down a few and it's not easy to untangle where things come from. I might have another go at some point.

MPJ - Conspiracy theory? Huh? Why would the finitude of a natural resource be a conspiracy theory? I've never read anything on it that links it to conspiracy, just incompetence and short-sighted greed.

Christopher - and Puddleglum.

byron smith said...

Look out for future photos from Sculpture by the Sea since we managed to make it along on the second last day.

byron smith said...

Oh, and Aaron, it wasn't the Al Gore film, but one on Peak Oil called The End of Suburbia.