Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Second last chemo

Yesterday, I had my second last chemotherapy (if you didn't realise I had cancer, see here for the story). Things seem to be going quite well although definitive scans won't happen for about another six weeks in order to give radiotherapy more time to work. My main side-effect continues to be tiredness. I have posted a few more updates (and pictures) over here, and hope to continue answering FAQs, although this has been slow.

In other news, Lindbeck arrived yesterday - a heartwarming gift upon my return from hospital!
Photo by JKS.


Unknown said...

Mate, I have such trouble seeing photo's like this. I've been avoiding the site... I'm having trouble with flashbacks.

I'm so sorry, and do pray about it now and then, when I can somehow trick myself into visiting the blog. I really pray and hope things get better soon.

It's just I see an IV line and I remember the smell of alcohol swabs, the machine that goes ping, Harry screaming, late nights, kids screaming next door, sleeping on the fold out stretcher beds, Harry nauseated and not eating... Harry fading away...

God be with you mate.

byron smith said...

Sorry Dave. Didn't mean to bring it all back for you. I have just had lots of people asking what it is like, and others who have wanted to visit to get a sense of what it is like. Since I only have one more visit, I thought a photo or two might help them. However, I have taken your advice and have mainly kept cancer info and news on my other blog.

I realise that chemo can be a very different experience for different people. I'll be praying for the healing of your memories and for the day when all things are healed.