Friday, May 11, 2007

Budget '07/'08

Mixed messages?
Enough cyber-ink has been spilt on the 2007/08 Australian Federal Budget, so I will not comment, except to wonder whether the government is sending mixed messages:

• $150m for climate change mitigation AND
• $150m for the war on ice.
I said I would not comment further. I lied. For Australian citizens, here is a campaign worth a look.


byron smith said...

Since I said I wouldn't comment, I probably don't need to say what I think about the size of the former allocation.

byron smith said...

Here's another take on the (relative lack of) environmental concern expressed in the budget.

Skjou said...

Hey Brother...
Have you had the chance to view "Global Dimming" by the BBC yet. I"m in a Weather and Climate class and had the opportuning to view it along with I.T.
If you have'nt seen it, its worthy to look into.

byron smith said...

I've seen one doco on Global Dimming, not sure whether it was BBC or not. What about it struck you?

From memory, one of the main points of the one I saw was that global dimming is caused by particles in the air as a result of pollution. It thus has a mitigating effect on global warming. Thus, as the effects of global dimming diminish (if and as more countries implement clean air policies), then global warming may accelerate.

Drew said...

Also check out this blog post by an economics prof as to why the ostensible throwing wads of cash at universities and parents isn't necessarily what it's cracked up to be.

psychodougie said...

$150m fighting ice.
how much on alcohol-related issues?

real sad when you think about their relative impacts on the health system.

and there's still a wall of cigarette advertising in every service station and supermarket

not haveing a go specifically at either alcohol or tobacco, nor am i trying to nay-say any ice-related issues, but their relative impacts, and the proportional amount of money and media time is staggeringly disproportional.

here ends the rant.