Thursday, August 09, 2007

Proverb of the week I

Like a maniac who shoots deadly
         firebrands and arrows,
so is one who decieves a neighbour
     and says, "I am only joking!"
                                 - Proverbs 26.18-19


Martin Kemp said...

Ha! This is true. Some things and people are just not funny, esp humour which is always at other people's expense. It's a very unsophisticated way of getting laughs.

Anonymous said...

Can I recommend 25:16 for a future week? :)

byron smith said...

It's now on the list. Thanks.

You could just sign in with your website details and it would save you putting the link yourself.

Anonymous said...

No I do, but it doesn't give you a link if it's not a blogger website (unless I'm doing something silly). I just cut and paste so it's no hassle. I'm quite enjoying getting the hang of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Huh - it used to.

byron smith said...

Yeah - it still works. Check out my last comment; my name links to your blog. Just pick 'other' and fill out name and webpage.