Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August points table

Starting back in June and continuing in July, I have been keeping a monthly points tally in addition to the overall scoreboard. I'll again award bonus prizes for those who topped the month. So ten points to Jonathan, five to Matthew Moffitt, three to Andrew and one to JRS. Overall leader Anthony also picks up another eight for correctly guessing the winner at the eleventh hour.

The competition for August is now officially open complete:

43: Hecta
24: Poncho
23: Donna
15: Dave Saxey, Matthew Moffitt
13: Martin Kemp
12: Michael Canaris, Michael Jensen
8: James
5: Anthony, Tiger
2: Lara
There are, at this point, over 300 points already available for the taking, plus many more to be offered in the coming weeks.
Eight points for the first to predict correctly the ultimate winner of the August points table. One guess per person. You may not nominate yourself. Five more points for correctly naming the building in the above image.


Anthony Douglas said...

Notre Dame de Paris - the cathedral. I like the gargoyle with the hat on.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what the name is, but it is an amazing photo. My hat off to you for capturing it!

byron smith said...

Anthony - Five points. Perhaps other people should get bonus points for getting in before you sometimes...

byron smith said...

Drew - yes, I like this image too, though the one I took when I turned around and faced the other way is also a favourite. I used so many of my best shots in the first few months of the blog when few people were reading.

Anonymous said...

At the eleventh hour (for August winner): Hecta?

byron smith said...

Michael - no competition. Eight points