Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June points table

Yes, we're back, so the furious race for points is now over. I ended up awarding 96 in the comments to the previous post. As well as updating the overall leaderboard, I thought I'd take up a suggestion from Pete a while back and have a monthly points competition to give a chance to those who feel they are joining late. So in future I'll try to create a monthly points table near the start of the month and update it as the month progresses, announcing the winner at the end of the month (perhaps with some bonus points in the overall table). June's scores are currently ended like this:

41: Rachel
27: Anthony
18: Ali
15: Mike, Peter J
12: JRS
11: Drew
4: Christopher, Matt Moffitt
2: Andrew Paterson; Joanna; Mandy; Persephone
1: Lachlan B; One Salient Oversight
I'll say more about our break, as well as posting some book and film reviews in the coming days.
Twenty points for the name of this river that we spent some of our holiday near (I'll be really impressed if anyone gets it...). Fifteen if you can guess the poet whose work was in Jessica's backpack (we read some of his delightful works as a reward during breaks on our many walks).


bigdog said...

Hello Byron,
Cox's River in the Megalong Valley?

Benjamin Ady said...

Hey Byron.

Hope you had a grand time on your holiday =) When are you guys coming to seattle? We'd love to have you stay for a couple days =)

Drew said...

Wordsworth sounds like a fitting companion for your trip.

Anonymous said...

The Murray?
Les Murray?

Andrew Paterson said...

Welcome back Byron, glad you both had a refreshing break. Have sorely missed your blog gospitality*.

* gospel-shaped hospitality!

Rachel said...

This totally looks like the McDonald River that I grew up on. BUT i really have no idea.

Glad that you are back - what a boring blog world it is without you!

Wow what to so with all these points...? Nothing to do but... gloat.