Monday, June 25, 2007

Sydney Anglicans on Peak Oil

I'm mentioned the Social Issues Briefing put out by the Sydney Diocese before. Written by MTC ethics lecturer Andrew Cameron (often with assistance from others), these semi-regular little pieces offer insightful ways into a variety of contemporary issues. Here is a full list of topics, but I particularly wanted to highlight the most recent piece on peak oil, in which Dr Cameron makes some excellent points about the place of Christian community in responding to this threat. God rescues us from a self-destructive focus on mere self-protection. Running away to my hidden hideout in the bush is no solution.

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Sam Charles Norton said...

Now that was a very encouraging article.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, not bad at all.

I stand by my earlier "questions" or points already raised on Sydney Anglicans.

Some of the Christian peakniks I've spoken with are often referred to as "Doomers". While they are convinced that this is not "THE" apocalypse (as in the end of the humanity) but "AN" apocalypse (as in has the potential for millions or billions to starve to death). Because they hold this view, they wanted to know what I thought about their sense of responsibility to provide for family. One young man PM'ed me on Sydney Anglicans and told me he was concerned for his family, and thinking of getting out of Sydney.

So just as some of the first century Jewish Christians were forced to flee from persecution and famine (? This is true isn't it? There was famine in Jerusalem?), and as a result spread throughout the Roman world, surely there is a place — for those Christians who are convinced civilization is going belly up — to do a runner "to the bush" or some eco-village retreat, and support a sense of community there? Surely there may be a sense of lovingly providing for family and new friends out there, and fulfilling the gospel brief to love each other and share the gospel with the world, even though one is now doing so in a rural context?

Maybe the eco-village is a new mission potential?!

I don't know. Cheery thoughts though. (In your best hysterical voice...) "We're all going to die. WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!"

(He got that bit right anyway).

byron smith said...

Yes - I agree with your comments on SydAngs Dave. My comments were aimed not at any movement in response to a crisis, but of the initial selfish reaction many of us feel (at least I do) which is quite explicitly 'me(-and-mine)-first'. Flight to the hills was recommended by Jesus in reference to the crisis to hit Jerusalem within a generation (I take it, along with many biblical scholars that he was referring at least in some way to what happened in 70 AD).

byron smith said...

Here is a trailer for an interesting looking doco on how Cuba survived their own energy famine in the early 90s through 'the power of community'.