Friday, February 01, 2008

In praise of... tag clouds

Many thanks to Benjamin Ady for putting together my new and very groovy tag cloud. If you haven't seen it yet, scroll down the sidebar. I'd been jealous of his for months. Go and check out his blog oxymoronredundancyparadoxtrap for the latest on the US primaries (esp anything to do with Barak Obama), US foreign policy (esp what's happening in Iraq for Iraqis), fun videos (e.g. WWJD?) and lots more.

OOPS - I forgot to point out he also co-hosts a second blog called Justice and Compassion that is even more worth a look or three.


James Tuttle said...

That's not just a cloud! That's more like a column of cloud that goes before you as you are on your way through the blog (that's coloured like a desert?)

It is massive I must say. :)

byron smith said...

Yes, I love it - a massive pillar of cloud to guide you through the desert of my thoughts into the promised land of leaving the internet entirely.

I do like how it's possible to see all the tags, though the more important ones jump out at you.

Christopher said...

Very nice. If you blur your eyes and move the scroll bar up and down quickly it looks like a double helix.

Benjamin Ady said...


you crack me up. that's awesome.


You're too kind. And now I'm going to take enormous liberties and invite y'all ... er .... you (see how that doesn't work? I mean, I want to specifically say "you" *plural*, but in context, it would sound like "you" singular) ... y'all to visit the other blog I cohost,

Benjamin Ady said...

OMG, Christopher is right! It does look like a double helix. crazy

byron smith said...

Oops - so sorry to have not mentioned your other blog too. I'll go & include it in the main post.

Jonathan said...

Benjamin, did you mean "youse"? ;-)