Monday, April 07, 2008

April points table

March's points table was dominated by a huge 219 point run from Moffitt the Prophet, all achieved in the first half of the month, smashing the previous record (at least since I've been keeping count each month). The second half of March saw something of a comeback from long-time leader Anthony, who responded once he saw his formidable lead being whittled away. Overall, March managed to squeeze past July 2007 for the highest points scored in a single month with a total of 329. As usual, the top four get some bonus points: ten to Moffitt, five to Anthony, three to Peter J and one to H. Goldsmith. There are still around 534 points on offer.

April points table

34: H. Goldsmith
11: Jonathan
5: Moffitt the Prophet
1: Anthony
Ten points for the first to correctly guess what this is. Fifteen for the location. No one individual is to answer both.


Matthew Moffitt said...

a tree?

Anthony Douglas said...

And it's in the ground.

byron smith said...

I guessed I asked for such prosaic answers. Oh well. I'll give five to Moffitt and one to Anthony. No more guesses from either of you.

Unknown said...


You two took my guesses as well.

I think it is some kind of a table or base for a tree house. It does appear that there are many old nail holes in the branches.

I would also say that it is in a park somewhere.

Anthony Douglas said...

No more guesses?

Darn it, I was all ready to suggest that this was a GM telegraph pole tree, hidden away on some secret and illegal plantation in, oh, I think South Australia's on the nose at the moment...and of course, Byron took photographic evidence as part of his campaign against dependence on coal burning power lines, during a 'citizen's inspection' of the facilities. It's actually an American base, codenamed 'Gum Gap'.

Shh. Don't say I told you.

h. goldsmith said...

an umbrella tree? aka an octopus tree? scientific name schefflera actinophylla?

Anthony Douglas said...

Bump. I'm curious.

byron smith said...

Oh, thanks for the reminder. I had the name of the tree in my head when I took this photo and for some time afterwards and it wasn't either of those, though they do look somewhat similar. But since I now can't remember what it actually is, I'll give H Goldsmith eight points and call it done. The points are still there for location, but I realise there is almost nothing to go on, so maybe I should stop teasing people and just remove the points from offer. This competition was not one of my smarter ones...