Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jesus loves you

How many people have heard the good news about Jesus and think it goes something like this? How many Christians have tried to explain it and ended up saying this?


Anonymous said...

Man, I have to stop sending those emails!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, that's really funny, and really sad at the same time - particularly those little messages that flashed up at the end.

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron, I hope you follow this up with how we ought to preach the gospel, and how we ought to ensure we don't preach the gospel like that.

I know none of us would preach it the same as in the video, but you're right, often it can end up sounding contradictory and silly.

I think partly the problem could be the gospel isn't a 2.5 minute message, and maybe we need to stop preaching it as thought it is?

I dunno, I'm just thinking. I lead a youth group that is all non-churched kids, and after the studies/talks, I feel I haven't ever really encapsulated the whole gospel, and may be distorting it somehow like this e-mail fellow

byron smith said...

geoff - I don't think there is a single way of preaching the gospel (notice that there is quite a bit of variation as well as some common themes in the apostolic preaching in Acts; and notice that there are four Gospels!), though at heart it is telling stories about Jesus, and though them, telling stories about God. However, any gospelling that so disastrously separates Jesus from his his Father ("but his Father thinks you are a shit") has ceased to be gospel, since it is no longer good news about God in Jesus.