Thursday, August 19, 2010

The elephant in the room

More than just climate change (which is largely a multiplier of other problems), the elephant in the electoral room is the cliff towards which we are driving at great speed, namely, the various ecological and resource crises that neither major party are addressing.

Vote thoughtfully.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this Byron.

And thanks for having lots of very helpful thoughts and links on your website for this election, particularly on the environment. It has helped this last-minute-mum with her thoughts on where to place my numbers tomorrow.

Hope you're family is well.


byron smith said...

Hi Jo, good to hear from you! We're well and I'm glad you've found some of these things useful. I hadn't been following particularly closely (being in the UK) until about a week ago when I decided I really ought to re-engage a little bit more.

A post linking to most of my relevant recent posts will be coming up when the clock ticks over to midnight in Oz (in a little more than half an hour).