Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few dead flies for your perfume

Michael Wells, the best catechist I've ever had (yes, ok, he's the only one I've ever had, but he's still the best), has been writing some interesting pieces over the last few days. First he wonders "what must I do to be saved from an anemic gospel?" and then he notes that Jesus rose early, while it was still dark before pondering whether unanswered prayer might all be a joke.

UPDATE: Mike seems to be particular busy recently. Here's one on grumbling and an excellent one on contextual theology (a.k.a. ethics!).


cheap perfume australia said...

Dead flies for what..? Sorry sir i didn't get what you want to say in the post.

byron smith said...

So you came looking for perfume-related posts and instead got this one. Shows that key-word searches are not always on the money. Hope you weren't going to spam me. Or did you just do so? ;-)

The brief answer (on the assumption that your confusion is genuine) is that I have a friend called Michael whose blog is called Dead Flies and Perfume, has written a few excellent posts that I wanted to draw to my readers' attention (see the links in the post for examples). The name of his blog is drawn from Ecclesiastes 10.1.