Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burning Shakespeare's plays

"To claim to love the Creator but to abuse the world in which we live is like claiming to be fans of Shakespeare whilst burning his plays."

- Marika Rose and Jason Fletcher, "Why should Christians care for the environment?"

I recently had a go at a brief explanation of why the Christian gospel results in ecological concern (here, here and here). I've just come across this document from Tearfund, which doesn't do a bad job in six pages. I've been looking for good short resources like this. If you know of others, post them in the comments below.


Jeremy said...

Hi Byron,

Looks like your link to tearfund's specific document is broken... I'd love to give that document a read, but it's location is not immediately evident from a quick surf of their front page.

- Jeremy

byron smith said...

Thanks - link is now fixed.